Head Shots
If you are a professional business owner - you'll know its important that photos of you and your staff are professional too.
Take the guess work out of getting matching head shots of all your staff against the office wall. Get Handprint Photography to be your ongoing head shot photographer and know that everytime your staff have photos they will match existing images.

We know how to make everyone - all shapes and sizes to pose and look professional and confident.  We work with you to find your best angle, best side and make you look and feel confident in your images. We look at the images together and will make sure you are happy with the shots. We also retouch our images to the Handprint 5+5 offer. That is a guarenteed 5 years and 5 kilograms off all selected photos (as requested).

We take a variety of images facing a variety of ways and you get to keep every shot to use in all areas of your marketing. Full length shots for newspaper adverts, head shots for business cards and email signatures. The choice will be yours.

We have lots of different backgrounds to choose from or go the effective white option for more flexibility to deep etch onto pre existing backgrounds. We can also photograph you on location around the Macarthur district or even in your office space.

Prices start at $110 per person with discounts offered for larger companies with more staff. Price includes the shoot with all photos supplied and one choice of final image fully retouched. Further images can be retouched also for an extra fee. Fill out our quote form on the commercial page and we can give you an exact price on your head shot requirements.

Staff/Group/Team Photos
Like you - we know staff leave. So why lock yourself into having one shot of your staff together when we can create the image from the individual head shots and make a flexible group photo that can be added to later or reduced as staff members change. Especially for Real Estate Agents you can make group photos of all the different managment teams within your office. Talk to us about your staff group requirements and we can give you plenty of helpful friendly FREE advice.